Whether you celebrate Easter or just want to welcome Spring, we have you covered. Everything is home-made including the chocolates!           

Discover our selection of home-made Belgian Chocolate Eggs or triple chocolate truffles.... Enjoy our Strawberry - Blueberry Tarts or Tartelettes...  Share our decadent Easter Chocolate cake or mignon with family and friends... Start the day or brunch with our Craquelin - the famous Belgian Brioche  with melted pearl sugar inside and outside!                                                   

Easter Mignon 7.50

Easter Gros Mignon - different flavors available 39.00  

Large Easter Egg filled with small eggs 39.00

Small Easter Bunny 9.50

Easter Kitty 10.00

Hen in a basket 15.00

Medium Easter Bunny 19.00

Large Easter Bunny 25.00

Bag of 8 small eggs 11.00

Bag of 3 Easter Macarons 12.00

Truffles 5.50 bag of 2 - 10.00 bag of 4 - ballotin 25.00

Strawberry-Blueberry tart 29.00 - tartelette 6.95

Craquelin 12.00 - Belgian Brioche with melted pearl sugar

Easter Bunny Brioche 12.00

Mini brioche rolls: min 12 per order 2.00 each