The Memory of Bread...


The aroma and the taste of an unforgettable bread! That is what my olfactive and taste memories have kept in their braincells since my childhood. 

I was fourteen when every day at the 'recreation' at the end of the day in my little boarding school we were given a piece of bread with a chunk of dark chocolate. That bread was the best I had ever tasted. But it was never to be found again as it seemed to be the artisanal work of the baker in that little village and thus not to be found elsewhere.

The only way I was ever going to find that delicious bread would be to make it myself! So I worked days on end until my 'memories' were finally satisfied with the result. I had found my bread! But in my haste, I had forgotten to write down the proportion of each ingredient! So I started again until I had it and this time I wrote my recipe down.

Now I make that bread every day with these ingredients; flour, water, yeast and salt.

So simple and yet so complicate!